Opaleo NFT

Raising funds for Alzheimer's
with a 1:1 NFT art photo collection

About Opaleo NFT

Opaleo (‘Grandpa Leo’ in Dutch) is an NFT project to raise money for Alzheimer’s Disease International.
The 1:1 NFT art photography collection tells the story of local life scenes during the 1950s, 60s, and 70s from the eyes of amateur photographer Leo Van Furth as he traveled around the world.
Each one of the Opaleo tokens exists physically and is minted on Polygon in Opensea. Token holders have intellectual property rights to the original physical photograph as well as the NFT.
Support the fight against dementia.

Who was Leo

Leo was a Holocaust survivor and amateur photographer who captured his POV as he traveled extensively for 20 years throughout Thailand, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Zambia, the UK, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, France, and the US. His photographs express an idea, convey a message, or share an emotion lived there and then. Leo passed away on September 16th, 1998.

Who is behind Opaleo NFTs

Filippo Chisari has partnered with Alzheimer's Disease International to raise funds through art photography. Leo was Filippo's grandfather.
On why Filippo chose to create the project in support of ADI, he said: "Members of my family were and are to this day affected by this illness, slowly taking loved ones away from us. I felt compelled to contribute my part and was lucky to receive the utmost support from the ADI Team."

Our collection is available on OpenSea

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